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NOVA Column

Part 10 - NOVA October 2010

From Animal to Hu-Man

The Hopi teachings tell us we have moved through three great cycles of Spirit on the earth. Spirit moved into the minerals and that was the ultimate expression of God, then Spirit moved into the more sophisticated flora, and plants in all their variety were the highest expression of God on earth. Then came the age of animals with the Great Spirit illuminating their bodies and God was expressed through animals in many ways yet ultimately community, companionship and cooperation. From this a new “animal” was born, who stood up opening the chakra system to be a link between heaven and earth. This animal was man and man is about to go through a huge re-birth, re jig to a higher expression. Man has been in the process and is about to go through an incredible change, a graduation from animal to human. We are entering the fourth great cycle of spirit on earth.

Despite all of man’s achievements in science, medicine, building and the great spiritual heights man has leapt to, we all have animalistic tendencies which have come out to devastating effects. Even the most saintly person if pushed enough will find the beast within and launch back. Well if what prophecy tells us and many of the signs around back them up we are in the final days of the animal cycle. A cycle that has seen an astonishing evolution of the vehicles through which the Great Spirit could express and explore itself. And just in the final hour when to so many eyes the situation looks so dark and bleak we will see an incredible turn in fortunes, just like spacecraft, turning at right angles before making a dimensional shift we will lift out of the suit of base reactions, which served us well for this last cycle, leaving it behind for a new skin of lighter purer qualities. We are living in those days.

Crop Circle - Steve Alexander 9 May 2010

Many of you will have followed or at least be familiar with the phenomenon of crop circles. The Great Spirit that flows through all creation communicating to us through geometric and obvious patterns created by Spirit through our higher dimensional brothers and sisters and sometimes just spirit itself. I won’t bother to address the doubters of crop circles because it is so obviously a true phenomenon that to cast out all crop circles as fake is akin to arguing that the world is flat. Also I do not concern myself with the debate of who creates them, for whoever it is, they are servants of the spirit with the spirit working through them. So much can be discerned by dissecting the images created yet the real power of crop circles or more aptly named glyphs is the effect on the human energy field by viewing them. We understand that advertising images can program and affect human consciousness well the glyphs lift us up to higher evolutionary expressions of ourselves and the very fact they are printed on our mother feeds into us. Of course to bring our chakra system directly in contact with these images has a profound affect. The greatest density of crop circles is found in the South West of England yet they happen all over the world and not just in crops but also in ice, stones and sandy deserts, yet they are more visually obvious in crops. The South West of England has a hub of many energy channels and the Druidic culture that lived here performed many practices to keep the energy channels opening, flowing and evolving by creating stone circles to augment the process much like acupuncture can do for the chi meridians in your body. It is around these stone circles that many crop circles appear. The Druids worked in conjunction with extra terrestrial / higher dimensional beings to create the stone circles and it is these same beings who are involved in the crop circles. Ultimately it is Spirit working through different levels; land, man and higher dimensional beings.

The crop circles in England this year have been astonishing in their intricacy and directness of message. Not dealing with mere geometric expressions they are clearly pointing to an ascension process that the earth and us as cells in her body are going through. One of the first crop circles of the season was aptly enough in a field right beside Stonehenge near Amesbury in Wiltshire, in prime Druid country. It represents the earth in the centre of two spiraling vortices about to take flight or in the process of a deep transformation. Note the seven layers of each “wing” indicating the seven levels or dimensions of creation. With three dots either side of the earth representing each of the three previous dimensional shifts and with the fourth process underway represented by the circle within the circle attached the wings of transformation. A New Earth is being born and all the intense experiences we have been having personally and observing around the globe are expressions of this birth. If expansion is seen as tricky then it is felt as pain yet if it is surrendered to and fully experienced it will be the most blissful ride you ever had.

Stonehenge is the most famous of the stone circles in Britain if not the world, yet 40 minutes drive away is an older and less visually impressive stone circle and certainly the most powerful energy site in England if not the British Isles. The stones are relatively small and for many centuries the circle has been used as common land with sheep browsing against the ancient rocks placed precisely by wise people centuries ago. A road has even been cut through the circle. On 16 August this year following a series of spectacular glyphs a simple yet spectacular crop circle in its meaning, and significant in its placing, arrived beside the humble yet supremely powerful Avebury circle. A glyph, to me, representing, the earth with wings like a phoenix taking flight into a higher expression, some would say dimension and note how many feathers/rims appear on each wing. Four – mineral, plants, animals and now the cycle of humanity; the beast has not been slayed but transformed. Congratulations sisters and brothers yet do not rest up, keep birthing with the light.

Crop Circle Avebury 16 Aug 2010 Phoenix

The two images are provided by and copyright to Steve Alexander of , a world renowned crop circle photographer.